ShriLochan Child Development Center

The Corona era has created a new social challenge, more than 30,000 Children’s have lost both their parents because of coronavirus.

The Corona era has created a new social challenge i.e. the children are abandoned in the pandemic. Due to Corona infection, entire families have been inflicted in many places in the country. There are many children who have lost both their parents, as per the survey by Govt.of India; more than 30,000 Children’s have lost both their parents because of coronavirus. Kokan Ngo has taken the initiative to help such kids by building an orphanage for these children.

Kokan Ngo has started with a unique initiative to give Home For covid Orphans, where Children’s will be safe and live comfortably to create their future. We are building an orphanage for the children, who have lost their parents in the covid pandemic as well as other children’s who have lost their earning Parents. The proposed ShriLochan is a residential Learning Centre that is under establishment process at Nanoli Tarf village, Maval Tehsil, Pune. Centre is located about 127km distance from Mumbai & 37 km from Pune city on Mumbai –Pune Old Highway having Connect of 5 district including Pune, Raigad, Thane, Nashik & Mumbai.

The entire set is in the lap of nature so that student can integrate into the environment and develop an attitude of dynamism and at the same time accommodative which are the inherent characteristics of Nature. We Endeavour to create an atmosphere wherein the child feels openness against that of the stuffiness which is the status of 90% of the schools. The openness refers to both the physical setting as well as the way the child gets interacted with the outer surroundings. Here, the students are expected to be nurtured, not in the academic atmosphere of scholarship and learning, or in the maimed life of monastic seclusion, but in the atmosphere of living aspiration. They shall learn the lessons of life, cultivate kindness to all creatures, and grew in their spirit with their own teachers’ spiritual growth. Kokan Ngo has set up 'ShriLochan Residential Development Centre' for such 30 children. The construction work commences on 26th June 2021 in the presence of covid warriors, such as doctors, Panchayat officers, tehsil officers and social workers.

Due to extreme poverty, neglect and abuse, many children in are forced to leave their homes to live on the streets or forced into child labor and trafficking. The society also looks down upon them, and mostly lives under bad conditions.

Orphanage Support Program

The program aims to provide an opportunity for needy children and orphans to live and learn under one roof until they are adopted or integrated in the community or placed with family members who can take better care of them.

Discover and Empower Orphans Program

In India there are many orphanages and social centers today focusing on giving hope to those children who does not have a family. They give them house, provide them food each day, training them on some specific topics depending on the age of the children. They help some to go back to school. We also aim to give these orphanages extra support so they can provide the children with good quality food, clothing and school supplies.

Through the commitment and dedication of our volunteers/interns & Donors, we have contributed immensely to the basic education of these children who sometimes lack the quality foundation. We offer support, care and family for the orphans and vulnerable. Our Orphan Support Program has supported more than 600 Kids since 2012 in 14 orphanages and 100+ primary schools.

Why this program sponsors?

Most of the orphanages we support are poorly resourced, under staffed, and are facing lots of problems to run the home. The orphanage needs extra pairs of hands to help with the day-to-day running of the project with works like cleaning, cooking and serving food to the children.

- OR -

I can help by giving 3/6 hours weekly time as a volunteer.
I can help by giving in kind Support like Toy, Clothes etc.

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About Kokan Ngo

The organization started its work in 2010 to support needy/Poor children in 2010 in term of education, Medical and old aged. After two years The organization has registered on 22nd May, 2012 under Society Act 1860 and also it has registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 on 30th October, 2012 at Sindhudurga – Maharashtra.

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