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Saloni needs your support for Neuro Regenerative Rehabilitation Therapy

Saloni needs your support for Neuro Regenerative Rehabilitation Therapy

Saloni needs your support for Neuro Regenerative Rehabilitation Therapy

Goal : ₹ 420000 /-

Covid has taken away the breadwinner of the family, Now the family can’t digest to lose their child.

Kokan Ngo is a leading NGO that helps the underprivileged children to Promote Education, Health, Women Empowerment, and Medical Support for children suffering from critical illness, Orphanage Support for the holistic development of the children and Old Age Home for senior citizens for their nutrition and medical. Our NGO works with a view to helping the poor community through various activities.

Case study: Saloni is diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. She has been recommended Neuro Regenerative Rehabilitation therapy. The treatment involves 14 days hospital stay during which time she will be extensively evaluated clinically. This will be followed by a Bone Marrow Aspiration from which subsequently the mononuclear cells are isolated. These are hemopoietic mononuclear cells which are injected intrathecally through a lumbar puncture and CSF catheter. This is followed by 4 days of intensive physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Counselling, and other medical treatment as required.

Family Scenario : Saloni is 7 years old. She is from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. She led a normal life till she was 2 years old. One night unfortunately she got high fever and she was admitted to hospital. She did not get well, she was not able to get up, understand anything, eat, go to washroom and do her regular activities. Doctor has suggested her to undergo treatment and therapies. The family is too poor to bear the expenses of the treatment. Her father Mr.Prajot expired due to Covid. Mother Mrs. Vidya is a housewife. Saloni has a younger sister named Rudra, she is 3 year old.  Now the whole burden and expenses of this family is taken care by her uncle who works in a garage as a daily waged labour. Saloni needs your support to manage her rare disease.

We implore generous heart like YOU to come forward and extend your fullest support  in  this  heart pricking  situation of  Saloni’s family to make it possible for her  to  undergo treatment and therapies.  Each and every contribution of  yours will make her get better and manage her rare disease. Feel the situation in front of you and kindly be generous to contribute.

The approximate cost for the procedure is Rs.4,20,000/-  (Four lakhs twenty  thousand only) Send a contribution by Cheque/DD/Online in the name of Kokan Kala Va Shikshan Vikas Sanstha

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