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Old Cloth & Toys Distribution Drive

  • Topics:

    Reusable Old Cloth Donation Drive

  • Host:

    Kokan Ngo

  • Location:

    Swargate, Pune

  • Date:

    01 May 2021

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Old Cloth & Toys Distribution Drive

Event Description

Kokan Sanstha is a ngo that works for street children in Mumbai & Pune. Kids are always in need of clothes and food, but it’s also fun to see the expression on their faces when they are given old cloth that they can wear. Apart from this, you can also donate toys, since they love playing in groups.

We found that kids are not having enough clothes to cover their body, also the clothes they are using are not at all help them to keep them in a good state of hygiene.

This group is made for getting old clothes & Toy Drive for such kids.

It is better to Donate, than accumulate

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